antheosophia: free people, embodied thinking, flourishing wisdom

an theo sophia: (an thay oe soe fee uh)

[[Greek anth flowering, flourishing + eo self- (sui), dawn, shining + sophia wisdom]] 1 wisdom flowering 2 wisdom about flourishing human beings 3 the essential, embodied wisdom of a flowering, luminous human being

Greetings! This is a legacy website I (Kye Nelson) first built a decade ago. My heartfelt desire then, as now, was to offer this website as part of the answer to the current need for a more ‘real’ and humane kind of thinking. I think we are just beginning to establish a new cultural pattern in which thinking from the depths of who we are and know, is to be expected. When these new ways of thinking become better established, the world built by our formal thinking can be more sound, better for us and for other living beings.

Antheosophia provides information and support for thinking and acting from this deep ground. Practices found here can help you to find this level in yourself, and then to clearly articulate what you haven’t before been able to say. Such an articulation can be informal, but if you choose, you can also build new theory and practice from this level.

You may be interested in:

basic information about Thinking At the Edge

consultation and mentoring to learn how to guide yourself by referring to your implicit knowing in a wide variety of contexts–or if you would like individual guidance in working with the practices of Finding Your Place and Thinking At the Edge, which can help you think with what you know tacitly, from experience. [Note: There are now also other practices, developed after this website’s time]

Antheosophia also contains

an extensive library of information about other ways of working with the tacit wisdom of the whole person. thinking, learning, and working that remember there’s a “me” looking out from this person’s eyes, and ways of listening to, and working with, our felt experience of being in the world.

And you can find

stories and philosophical play here, written from this level.

Thinking has become separated from the body, from feeling, and from contemplation in our common understanding. But thinking can be a beautiful bodily process, like breathing. One can rest in it just as deeply as one can rest in one’s breath, or one’s movement.

To be able to rest deeply in one’s embodied thinking it helps to learn first to attend to the felt sense level in one’s already-existing contemplative practice. The practice of Focusing is a systematic way of working with this subtle level of embodied experience. When teachers are available who are skilled in teaching this ability as part of contemplative practice across spiritual traditions, this level becomes more widely available to anyone, no matter what their path.

via antheosophia: free people, embodied thinking, flourishing wisdom.

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