How Can Teachers Prepare Kids for a Connected World? | MindShift

Educators are always striving to find ways to make curriculum relevant in students’ everyday lives. More and more teachers are using social media around lessons, allowing students to use their cell phones to do research and participate in class, and developing their curriculum around projects to ground learning around an activity. These strategies are all … More How Can Teachers Prepare Kids for a Connected World? | MindShift

My research

How is taking my family down to Nicaragua related to new media and education? Or how did my research take me there? Every society that depends on procreation for its survival must take into account in its social organization that children initially require a great deal of care (Matthews, 2007). I have been studying the … More My research

Raising “Media Healthy” Children | Psychology Today

Raising “Media Healthy” Children | Psychology Today. Just yesterday, a mother called me about her daughter Delia. Delia, age 8, was voted off of her classroom lunch table. Apparently all of her “friends” had been watching reality television shows and like all kids do – begin imitating what they watched and believed to be true. … More Raising “Media Healthy” Children | Psychology Today