Sweet Tides of Change

I love this paragraph. It summarizes our times so beautifully…. From:1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling Two Views of Our Future “..mainstream economics pays little attention to the sustainable yield thresholds of the earth’s natural systems. Modern economic thinking and policymaking have created an economy that is so out of sync with the ecosystem on which … More Sweet Tides of Change

What if?

I just finished reading an article by Jeff Warren in the new Scientist issue of Dec. 24th that is confirming some of my thinking in relation to HPS and embodied thinking. Embodied thinking is a term that encompasses both cognition and sensorial intelligence. Scientists now know that whales and dolphins have advanced sensorial abilities. Their … More What if?

David Howes – Anthropology professor at Concordia University. Research Areas.

Anthropology of the Senses. How are our senses formed by culture? What is the world like to societies that emphasize touch or hearing rather than sight? This research explores the life of the senses in society. To a greater or lesser extent, every domain of sensory experience, from the sight of an artwork to the … More David Howes – Anthropology professor at Concordia University. Research Areas.

Inter-Disciplinary.Net Home Page

Inter-Disciplinary.Net Home Page. nter-Disciplinary.Net is a forum for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view that bear on a wide range of issues of concern and interest in the contemporary world. We promote and sponsor inter- and multi-disciplinary encounters by bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, with … More Inter-Disciplinary.Net Home Page