Sweet Tides of Change

I love this paragraph. It summarizes our times so beautifully….

From:1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling

Two Views of Our Future

Ego versus Eco

“..mainstream economics pays little attention to the sustainable yield thresholds of the earth’s natural systems. Modern economic thinking and policymaking have created an economy that is so out of sync with the ecosystem on which it depends that it is approaching collapse….We are facing a situation in economics today similar to that in astronomy when Copernicus arrived on the scene, a time when it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Just as Copernicus had to formulate a new astronomical worldview after several decades of celestial observations and mathematical calculations, we too must formulate a new economic worldview based on several decades of environmental observations and analyses.”
— Lester Brown, Agroeconomist and President, Earth Policy Institute

7 thoughts on “Sweet Tides of Change

    1. Absolutely not! It changes its definition by considering a bigger scale ….. It is now understood that evolution is not limited to one species in isolation of the rest, it involves the entire system….. And there is a lot of beauty in that. Evolution is key to this interrelation and science has demonstrated we are all connected by the same gene pool… And slowly scientist are beginning to discover that plants, animals and the environment are an incredibly suttle but powerful interconnected communication system that is both both chemical and sensorial…. And that indeed many animals and plants have pre-programmed behaviors. And that the RNA in genes is the “adaptable” variable, which changes the nature of the protein generated by the dna in accordance to what is going on in the environment. So evolution is more about adaptation to environment than survival of the fittest…. So yes, it does change notions about what evolution is but not that it happens.

      As someone who has spend time in full awareness in nature, I can not help but apreciate its beauty and admire its simplicity as well as harmony and find it nourishing as it makes be feel like I have a place in that system and it helps me connect with another part of myself, which is my more spiritual self. However, religion or negation of evolution does not have to have anything to do with it but frankly, neither does the idea of a dominant being. Replacing the idea of god with human supremacy has not served us well. Particularly since we have let corporation dominate humans behaviors… We are just like the other elements of this planet, an element … And our ways are killing the earth, as someone with children I have experienced the toxicity of this system of our first hand. It is poisoning us intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially… By letting the richest, become the “fittest”.

      1. Where was that “entire system” when the “first self-replicating” organism was self replicating all by itself? What did it feed on? What fed on it to prevent it from reproducing itself into oblivion? See how ridiculous this all is?

    1. I’m quoting Richard Dawkins, by the way. He was the one who say life stemmed from the first “self-replicating organism.” That is ridiculous–and long with so much other things he has said–yet so many atheists/evolutionists revere and respect him while vehemently disagreeing (unknowingly) with his assertions.

      1. “Self-replicating molecule” to quote Dawkins more directly. And that does nothing to explain how this molecule was able to thrive without ecological controls.

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