So much happening, amazing momentum and passionate partners.  That’s the 10,000 foot view (or 3,048 meters, if you prefer) of what we’re working on every day.

In the spirit of openness, and because two of us can only move this train so fast, we’d love your input on the following:

  • HistoryPin – as a network, Hive NYC is excited to work with this seriously amazing tool.  Chime in on this etherpad with ideas for what we can and should be building. Stay tuned for our Hive Innovation Heat Map and so much more to come.
  • Modular webmaking – if you know of any prototypes or curriculum for teaching people how to make things on the web, please share them on this growing list of resources.
  • 1st Amendment Hack Jam (working title) – we’re planning an exciting event with the American Constitution Society in May, to help youth…

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