Eatable alternate to antibiotics for impetigo

My son who is sensitive to eggs can not handle most antibiotics, this includes creams. he just got a case of impetigo and reacted to the antibiotic cream the doctor prescribed after the first application. So…. the natural way we one more go.

I tried tea tree oil first, even diluted it hurts too much.

The following solution also works for rash caused by food sensitivities.


A very effective solution is to treat the affected area with a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and raw honey. It does not hurt at all and soothes very quickly and eliminates the bacteria.

Olive oil alone is very slow to heal the rash. Adding RAW honey speeds up the process tremendously.. We saw results within a few hours….. And it taste darn good….

My son enjoys eating whatever is left over of the mixture, which is a great way to also treat the inside of the body 🙂

Some suggestions:

  • Apply it while being in a bath, makes the time pass faster. Put epson salts + sea salt in the bath, this helps eliminate toxins from the body which can be contributing to the rash if causes by reaction to food.
  • Warm up the mixture before applying it to make it less sticky and apply it to the skin using a paper towel or a cloth.
  • After the mixture has gone,  apply shea butter to the area which also helps the skin rebuilt itself….

Not only are these solutions all natural and use ingredients which we have in our kitchen anyway. expect for the shea butter but again, it is the cheapest and one of the most effective skin conditioner I have ever used.


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