What would human evolution be like

Playing Spores with the kids is making me think a lot about evolution and what the next phase of human evolution would be like. what traits would humans need to explore space?
Seems to me that people who are tagged as having sensory disorders or as highly sensitive people would actually have very big advantage.
I mean a highly attuned sensory system that allows us to sense danger in an unknown environment, high social and empathic intelligence to be able to make first contact with other species, sensitivities to poisonous stimuli of any kind would all seem very helpful if we are to engage in space exploration.
Analytical thinking would also be much more advantageous to a critical (in the sense of negative, argumentative or judgmental) thinking in the sense that in environments where we do not understand the culture we are faced with, watching, observing and analysis in order to be able to negotiate and communicate by not offending would also seem essential to survival. I am not sure another life form would be interested in our evaluation of their existence and culture… Just a thought…

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