Green school by a person with learning disabilities

wow….. Education is surely for front in many media feeds these days…

It is fascinating to see critical thinkers embracing social media as a means to share their thoughts.

This week has been incredibly rich in terms of notions  about what 21st century means in terms of education but also theory of mind… It is delightful to see people articulate what social intelligence means in terms of competencies and values. Self aware autonomy, empathy, inter-personal, community and global communication…. Lovely notions….. And lovely to see people actually building new types of educational experiences based to these values:  John Hardy in Baly is a lovely example….A man with learning “diabilities” who could not handle school goes and create a new type of school focused on experience and lucid sustainability…… Wow, I hope we can do something like this in Canada…..  and Nathalie J’s environmental health clinic another lovely grounded vision and action that shows what happen when people become innovators who are self-aware and understand that existing institutionalised ways are just not going to cut it….

As I discussed with my students today, at the rate of current change, in 40 years from now, the equivalent of the last 300-400 years of change will have happened… I hope we will have moved into our social humanity…… If peer to peer collectives move forth, what kind of a world will we exit in…… Open infrastructures pushed to open values….. the potentials are mind blowing….

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