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Be (Financially) Eccentric

Eighteen months ago, I began working out in the gym with a functional trainer. His name is Michael and he has changed my life. His training philosophy is rooted in a belief that many pieces of modern exercise equipment designed to push us harder actually result in less effective workouts.

How can this be?

Michael points out that with their rigid structures many of these machines dictate our movements in such a prescribed way that our body does not use its natural, full range of motion. So, instead, he has his clients do a variety of activities that mimic the moves of primal man – hunting, gathering, climbing and jumping. The result has been stunning. At age 41, I feel stronger and more energetic than I did at age 21.

What does this have to do with your finances or with my quest to help us all find a tool to increase our financial peace of mind (”MoneyZen”)?

via Be (Financially) Eccentric « SpeakEasy.

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